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Marietta GA 30062
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Fried Chicken As It Was Supposed To Be

Most places that say they offer the best fried chicken still don’t make it the way it’s supposed to be. We know how to make true southern-style fried chicken and make it fresh when you order.

Sports Bar

If you have a favorite drink, looking for suggestions or just want a pitcher, you can get it at Harold’s. Liquor service is available whether you sit at the bar or the tables.

New Roads

Harold’s Chicken was where it all started in southern Chicago. Now we bring a blend of southern-style cooking and Chicago-style dining to Atlanta!

Relaxing Environment

You can enjoy watching sports with your friends, laugh while people watching, listen to the music or just bring the whole family for a Thanksgiving-style feast. We separate out all of our entertainment into different parts of the day so everyone can come and enjoy whichever version of Harold’s they prefer.

Relaxing Atmosphere

We have a wide range of entertainment possibilities every night, which gives choices for everyone. If you prefer just to sit and relax while enjoying our unique flavors that is possible too. No matter what your eating style preference is, you can enjoy yourself at Harold’s!

Come for the Food STAY FOR THE FUN